Eyes to the sky: Where the tallest skyscrapers of 2015 will be found

2014 has been a big year for towering new skyscrapers — literally. One World Trade Center became the biggest skyscraper in the United States when construction was completed in early November while ground was broken on the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which will rise one kilometer skywards to become the world’s tallest building when completed in five year’s time.

But what does 2015 have in store? We’ve compiled a list of the ten tallest buildings set for completion in 2015 using data held by the Skyscraper Center, the global tall building database.

Unsurprisingly, some of the world’s fastest developing cities are at the forefront of plans that will come to fruition in 2015.

Name: Vostok Tower (Federation Towers)
Location: Moscow, Russia
Height: 373.2 meters (1,224 feet)
Description: The first of two giant new Moscow towers to be completed in 2015, the Vostok Tower is the tallest building in the Federation Building complex that began as far back as 2003.

10 самых высоких небоскрёбов мира по версии CNN
1. Шанхайская башня, 632 м – Шанхай, Китай;
2. Центр «Wuhan Center», 632 м – Ухань, Китай;
3. «Marina 101», 426,5 м – Дубай, ОАЭ;
4. «432 Парк Авеню», 425,7 м – Нью-Йорк, США;
5. Башня «Capital Market Authority», 385 м – Эр-Рияд, Саудовская Аравия;
6. Башня «Dalian Eton Place», 383,1 м – Далянь, Китай;
7. Комплекс Федерация, Башня Восток, 372,2 м – Москва, Россия;
8. Офисно-деловой комплекс (ОКО), 352 м – Москва, Россия;
9. Башни комплекса «Forum 66», 350,6 м – Шэньян, Китай;
10. Здание национальной нефтяной компании, 342 м – Абу-Даби, ОАЭ.